Valerii Trigger
Rank #1 | Moss Beach, United Kingdom

Genre : Others

Bio : Valerii Trigger is a guitarist/singer/songwriter/unsigned artist and performer from Ukraine Valerii was born in Kiev. Started to play guitar and sing at the early age. Studied music at the college of culture and arts and graduated in 2014. Also was studying classical guitar at the music school in Bohuslav. In August of 2011 he joined a band Kievichi which was touring Ukraine and Europe throughout 2011-2013. The band was playing shows, performing covers and writing its own material but never got the attention it deserves and split up early 2013. Valerii was also working with Vadim Kornienko who's a talented Ukrainian guitarist and composer. They appeared on TV on Tonis channel at 2013 New Year's Eve performing a rocking guitar "Jam". Valerii also attended Guitar Mania live shows which were hosted by Vadim and another talented Ukrainian guitarist Shah. Valerii and Vadim get together for different projects time after time. In the sumeer of 2013 Valerii started working with a talented Ukrainian singer Yana Ostrovka. They've wrote an original duo song entitled "§­§?§??§?§?§??". In the end of 2013 Valerii and Yana put the "Winter Crossroads" show that was transmitted online for all the world to see. By the fall of 2014 Valerii Trigger joined Marilyn Manson cover band alongside with Elvira "Elly" Gasratova (ex-Ace 'N Heels) on vocals, Dmitry "Hama" Bartetsky (ex-Freakland) on Bass and Alexander "Lex" Alexeenko (ex-My Renaissance, Dalai, Barahta, May in December, My Versal, Ismen) on drums. Valerii Trigger quit Six Feet Deep (aka Marilyn Manson cover band) late spring 2016 and started as a solo artist again. Valerii Trigger was also working as a model, starred in EXITUS: A Glam Rock Film by Camilo Him in December of 2013.


# Song Title Time Download
1 Dream 00:04:21 stream
2 Jam (feat. Vadim Kornienko) 00:02:21 stream
3 Kristine 00:05:05 stream
4 Valerii Trigger - Day of Anger 00:03:46 stream
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