Surrounded By Yankees
Rank #1 | Den Dungen, United States

Genre : Rock

Bio : Band Members: John Andersen Drums, Maxx Andersen Bass, Andy Lamb Keyboard and Larry Van Alstyne Guitar For Booking: Larry is just a small-town guy with a perfect family. He works at a Planetarium in North Carolina. No big whoop. His real name is Joey Cusack and heā??s been in hiding for twenty some-odd years. Once in Philly, he tried to rip Carlā??s eye out with a barbed knife (the ex bass player), and we don't know why he is so good at killing people? Maxx is genetically engineered to be superior physically and intellectually, was a prince who fought in the Eugenics Wars, ruled a quarter of the earth, and ran off with his disciples to freeze in a cryogenic chamber for decades. He also likes grape jolly ranchers. Andy covered up his own death and killed the two witnesses who last saw him. Heā??s a skilled medic (if not full-blown surgeon). He was in the army, and also worked for the government in Burma. He is on speaking terms with the heads of 5 separate nations. On weekends Andy like to eat peas and scare the neighbor kids. John's girlfriend Helen finds out, thanks to a shot of truth serum, that while sheā??s been dating John for 17 years, heā??s actually been a spy for 18. Not only does he lead a secret life, heā??s practically James Bond on steroids. He knows how to fly a Harrier, speaks a variety of languages, knows how to Tango, is quite knowledgeable about nuclear warheads (itā??s not an ice cream maker), and is so important heā??s allowed to use other operatives to spy and scare the hell out of his girlfriend and a used car salesman. Oh, and they are all friends and get together to make music and plot! We all have a special place in our heart for Joy Presley. She has been a big part of SBY and will always be considered a member of the band. Surrounded by Yankees is proud to support (Support Parkinson's Disease Rehab Belgium) and also (Children's Cancer Research in the UK).


# Song Title Time Download
1 Lightning 00:04:20 stream
2 Seasons Change 00:03:13 stream
3 The Weight - Live 00:05:26 stream
4 Too Late 00:04:20 stream
5 Xanax 00:04:14 stream
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