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Genre : Alternative rock

Bio : Philadelphia‚??s Stellarscope are a staple of the indie rock scene with their unique brand of post-punk indie rock. Their music is dark and emotive yet it still has a pop sensibility to it. Stellarscope‚??s energetic live performances has garnered the band accolades from their peers as well as their fans. With multiple releases under their belts they continue to march forward and evolve with the times. Their music has appeared in many compilations and tribute albums, documentaries as well as on MTV, A&E, Discovery Channel, Alli Sports TV, and more. For fans of wavves, a place to bury strangers, the jesus and mary chain, the ramones, manhattan love suicides, etc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Performed with A Place To Bury Strangers (NYC), Autodrone (NYC), Soundpool(NYC), Project Skyward (NYC), Resplandor (Peru), Malory (germany), Bell Hollow (NYC), Apollo Heights (NYC), If When (NJ/NYC), The Lost Patrol (NJ), Ceremony (VA), December Sound (NYC), Burning Face (Puerto Rico), Psiconautas (Puerto Rico), Blongo Roosters (Puerto Rico), Crissalida (Puerto Rico), Sonidos Distantes(Puerto Rico), hE (Puerto Rico), Pneuma (Puerto Rico), Panda Riot (Philadelphia), Airiel (CHicago), Shade (pittsburgh), Grayland (VA), L'Envoi (Philadelphia), Lst Yrs Mdl (NYC), R-Tronic (NYC), The Opposite Sex (DC), Hartfield (Japan), Autumn Thieves (NYC), The Colorfield Theory (Philadelphia), Overlook (Philadelphia), Skydivers (VA), Alcian Blue (DC), Scattered Planets (PA), Brasilia (NYC), Plastron (Philadelphia), Lockgroove (Toronto), The Defog (Philadelphia), Sonidos Distantes, Odradek, El Bosque, Matotumba, Polidesto, Insect Guide (UK), screen vinyl image (DC), The Obit (DC), 28 degrees taurus (boston), Sangine Drone (Boston), Plumerai (Boston), sciflyer (san francisco), run run run (L.A.), the manhattan love suicides (UK), bebek (philadelphia), and many more. Recordings Like you f***in' care... EP- TBA 2007 All those left behind EP- TBA 2007 Living Under the Radar- /2006 Patetico Recordings Inside Out Video DVD- 2005 Patetico Recordings Reverberations CD- 2005 NoiseX Records/Patetico Recordings Wasted Time EP- 2004 Dreamland/Patetico Recordings Fingerpaint the Colour of Sound CD- 2004 Alison Records/Patetico Recordings Something Delicious EP- 2003 Patetico Recordings And they ate of the fruit of knowledge EP-2002 Patetico Recordings Drift & Dream CD-2001 Patetico Recordings Un-Named EP 1- 2001 Patetico Recordings Sonicsoundscapes from the blue CD- 2000 Patetico Recordings Radiofriendly Songs EP- 2000 Patetico Recordings Right Here- 1999 Patetico Recordings Sonic Junky- 1998 Patetico Recordings Compilations & Tributes: Blue Skyed & Clear for Slowdive Tribute Compilation- So Soft Records (Spain) Jesusland A tribute to the Jesus & Mary Chain- Fuga Discos (Argentina) Audio Wonderland Bedroom Ambience 3 Compilation- Enraptured Records (UK) MMM Disc Compilation- Shuteye Records (USA) Alison Records 2003 Tour Compilation- Patetico Recordings/Alison Records PopNoise Festival 2004 Compilation- Patetico Recordings PopNoise Festival 2005 Compilation- Patetico Recordings Television: Urban Explorers Denver on Discovery Channel 2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reviews: Swirly, space-rock sounds from the folks behind the Philadelphia PopNoise festival.- Philadelphia City Paper A psychedelic jewel... - SouthCoast PR (Puerto Rico) Overall this album (Living under the Radar) is a great sounding album and definitely you will want to buy this if you are into Shoegaze, Psychedelic, Alternative, Rock, space pop, noise, post rock, experimental... the list could go on... go out and buy this great album!- Raised on Indie (USA) Psychedelic soundscapes for the head.- Mars Needs Guitars (USA) Stellarscope takes a giant leap forward in sonic exploration and songwriting, and in the end create a compelling musical experience-Brent Diaz Somewhere Cold Magazine- (Canada). ...the effect of sticking your head out of the car window at about 90 miles an hour whilst drunk on the freedom of youth.-RP Shmat Records (USA) Another example of why the shoegazing scene is alive and as well as ever. -Leonards Lair (UK) Stellarscope play space pop driven slowly forward by bass and drums as the guitars, vocals, and space violin build a massive wall of chaotic yet tranquillizing noise. -Lee Kilcrease Delusions of Adequacy (USA) drenching their somnambulistic drones with effects that sound like they've set the controls for the heart of the sun. -Suzie Q- Logo Magazine (UK) Philadelphia spacey rock trio, Stellarscope, make some fine modern psychedelia that's 100% old school with no annoying trendy fillers added.- -Gail Worley Starpolish (USA) the soundtrack to a breezy, lazy summer day with stars in your hair. For a three piece, these cats surely make a lot of sweet noise.-Kevin Kapala Stoner Rock Chick (USA) Truly one breath of fresh air in the panorama rock clones Stillborn Magazine (Italy)


# Song Title Time Download
1 Broken to pieces 00:04:45 stream
2 Clear (Demo) 00:04:08 stream
3 Did it all for you (demo) 00:06:11 stream
4 Don-t say slow (Skywave Cover) 00:03:01 stream
5 Dug this hole 00:03:44 stream
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