Souls of Diotima
Rank #1 | Moss Beach, United Kingdom

Genre : Symphonic metal

Bio : Welcome to our official SOULS OF DIOTIMA "I AM HERE TO PLAY " Page!!! Giorgio Pinna drummer and lyricist and his brother founded Souls of Diotima in Sassari, Italy back in 2004. Souls of Diotima is the Italian female-fronted metal band with a unique style, featuring recognizable elements of traditional, progressive and symphonic metal, as well as unconventional elements, woven together musically in a powerfully expressive new way. The signature sound of Souls of Diotima, featuring unforgettable orchestral and special effects, combined with complex musical arrangements and compositions, powerful and mesmerizing vocals. The band‚??s music engages all of the senses and conveys a feeling similar to watching an epic movie, creating very visual images, memorable mental scenes, almost tangible‚??the music and special effects are not actually a movie, so the Souls‚?? music is not technically cinematic, but the music experience and impact is so similar to watching an extraordinary film that listeners have a ‚?? dream ‚??‚?? experience, combining the Symphonic grandeur of the orchestra and special effects with the elements of progressive metal, while always maintaining an underlying foundation of power metal‚??all composed in a new and unique way, resulting in an experience for metal fans which is intense and exhilarating. Souls of Diotima: Claudia Barsi, Lead Vocals Giorgio Pinna, Drums Gianmaria Puledda, Guitar Antonio Doro, Bass, Vocals To date Souls of Diotima has released three full-length albums, ‚??Maitri‚??' (2011) via Copro Records, "What Remains of the Day‚?Ě (2012 - produced by Massive Arts Studios, Jack Garufi and Alberto Cutolo) via Revalve Records, a single ‚?? Sentence of The Blade ‚??‚?? (2013 - produced by Massive Arts Studios, Jack Garufi and Alberto Cutolo), ‚??The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis‚?Ě (2016 - produced by Jens Bogren, Johan ??rnborg, Tony Lindgren and Viktor Stenquist - Fascination Street Studios) via Rockshots Records. Souls of Diotima performed multiple tour and concerts in Italy and Europe. Next tour ‚?? Gold And New Horizons European Tour ‚?? will start in November 2017. In 2017 the band founded in London a record label ‚?? Diotima Records Music Management LTD ‚??. Currently SOULS OF DIOTIMA are working on their upcoming tour and their fourth full-length album. ‚?? We want your minds to explode with our new music - we want Souls of Diotima to exceed every musical expectation you can possibly have - with the songs we recorded now for our new album, and also with the music we are envisioning for future albums. Thanks \m/ ~ Souls of Diotima: Claudia, Giorgio, Antonio, Gianmaria ‚?Ě


# Song Title Time Download
1 SOULS OF DIOTIMA - Our Atlantis 00:06:23 stream
2 Souls of Diotima -Von Braun(Ita.version) 00:05:13 stream
3 Souls of Diotima- What remains of the day 00:06:47 stream
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