Social Strife
Rank #1 | Toronto, Guernsey and Alderney

Genre : Punk rock

Bio : Social Strife Social Strife is the brainchild of Toronto musician Sean Farro, the lead singer and lyricist. Social Strife’s epic Rock punk style continues to wave the flag of frustration with middle-of-the-road play-it-safe rock. Social Strife is not afraid to tackle tough social issues in their music, ”We're just saying what's on everyone's minds” Drawing from their mutual love of big show’s, punk rock and hook-oriented melodies, Social Strife has set out to put the “Strife” back in Rock & Roll! Social Strife: Lead Vocals: “The Unicron” Sean Farro; Lead Guitar: Anthony "A.C." Cee Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at "Secret Suburbia Studio's" Toronto Produced By "Social Strife" Engineered and Co Produced By TJ Habibi Debut Cd, "With Friends Like These" December 2014 Song order, 1 "Denied" 2 "Social Strife" 3 "M.D.M.A" 4 "Blind" 5 "Aliens And Freaks" 6 "Wish I Could Be" 7 "The River" 8 "I don't care" 9 "Reign" 10 "You Were Nothing" 11 "Pill" Track 12???? Website:


# Song Title Time Download
1 Aliens & Freaks 00:04:13 stream
2 Blind by Social Strife 00:03:21 stream
3 M.D.M.A 00:04:06 stream
4 The River 00:05:37 stream
5 You Were Nothing 00:03:58 stream
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