Ryan Redemption
Rank #1 | Toronto, Guernsey and Alderney

Genre : Others

Bio : "Meet Ryan Redemption, a bassist from Thunder Bay in Ontario who is living the low end life. When Ryan first picked up the bass in school, he said he thought it would be an easy credit. He got more than he bargained for, in what he describes as ??a lifestyle instead?."- As Quoted By Notreble.com Ryan Redemption plays with various groups but has branched out to the world largely through his bass video's which are uploaded bi weekly to monthly can by viewed via his facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Ryan-Redemption-190012614407803/ Listed below is what's been up with Ryan lately Dec of 2015 Ryan was voted Thunder bays Best Bassist by "The Walleye" Arts and Culture Magazine along with various other artists ie: "Coleman Hell" https://cloud.3dissue.com/38441/39018/49079/January2016/index.html?r=99 (Digital copy, page 12, Category 121) In August 2015 Ryan was Feature in "The Walleye" Arts and Culture Magazine http://www.thewalleye.ca/Digital/august2015/files/54.html (Digital Copy) In August also June and May 2015 Ryan Placed first in the indi.com solo artist contest, Competing against bassists like Grant Stinnett, in the August Compettion , In Spetember Ryan finished second, losing to David Pastorius bass player of "Tech N9ne" http://indi.com/a7fa9f0d-0730-4131-b0a5-73a3567e5d48 (first place link) http://indi.com/58429d28-df14-4b4a-89fc-8c067608569d (first place link) http://indi.com/970a2cb0-17cf-4844-9611-c1bee5d4b728 (first place link) http://indi.com/E07F0562 (second place link) As well in June 2015 Ryan did a Meet and Greet interview with Niji Magazine http://nijimagazine.com/2015/05/meet-ryan-redemption/ In Feb 2015 Ryan did a Interview wth BassGuitarworld.com http://bassguitarworld.com/bassist-ryan-redemption/ Halloween of 2014 Ryan was interviewed by Canadian Beats http://canadianbeats.ca/2014/10/31/interview-ryan-redemption/ During April the week of the 12th Ryan was Spotlighted by Notreble.com give it a read @ http://www.notreble.com/buzz/2014/04/15/reader-spotlight-ryan-redemption/ In May 22nd 2014 Ryan was interviewed by Bass Musician Magazine interview available @ http://bassmusicianmagazine.com/2014/05/bass-musician-magazine-qa-with-ryan-redemption/ In July of 2014 Ryan played on the Bike and Bass tour with Felipe Gomez, they did a short Jam session to close out his bass clinic in Thunder Bay Ontario at Music World http://bassandbiketour.ca/ Also Ryan was voted Thunder bay's fan choice for favorite bass player for 2013 by tbshows.com (no vote held in 2014) https://www.facebook.com/notes/tbshowscom/tbshows-fans-choice-2013/10152102228322290


# Song Title Time Download
1 A Simpler Time 00:01:27 stream
2 Distance in Time 00:01:15 stream
3 Fields of Green (Fender Chorus Pedal) 00:01:19 stream
4 First one Falling (old tap Revision) 00:02:18 stream
5 Harmonic Values 2 00:01:25 stream
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