Genre : Reggae

Bio : Roots by Nature is a Roots Reggae Duo lead by Ghana born Musician Nana Kwame Nkwantabisa aka ‚??Roots‚??, and his partner Amira, a deep spirited writer & poet from Sweden. The team brings an energetic yet soulful steppa style of roots reggae music. Starting with a meeting in Ghana in 2007, when Kwame a full time vocalist , guitarist & producer active on the Ghanian reggae scene for some time was being interviewed by a local television station where Amira happened to be. Amira shy and soft spoken, yet passionate for music & writing had been writing for years with inspiration from Jamaica & reggae music, but it was not until meeting Kwame that works came to manifestation and the journey of Roots by Nature began. Three years in the making, with a 2008 move to Sweden, experimenting with demos and different styles, the duo presented ‚??Walks of Life‚?? as the debut LP release for Roots By Nature, a project composed & produced by Kwame along with supporting musicians & engineers across Europe & Africa with an explosion of different rhythms, sounds and influences, bringing potent deep conscious lyrical content. A style they describe as Roots Music, receiving massive response from local radio stations & supporters. Stepping onto the international stage in 2010 with a focus solidifying their Roots sound and making an impact on the underground Roots Dub scene, Roots by Nature released ‚??Cry No More' Single & Video , a prelude to an EP project of the same name which saw an October 2015 release. The single & Ep project are a continuation of works produced by Kwame between 2010 & 2012. Having spent the last few years writing & focusing on Ghana & Africa, 2013 saw the signing of the duo to Suns of Dub | Rockers International collective, the new age Rockers ran by Ras Jammy & Addis Pablo (son of Augustus Pablo). With works beginning & currently in progress on an official first LP project under a special ‚??Suns of Dub - African Roots‚?? sub-label of the collective‚??s One Motion Music Label & Publishing Company, produced by Ras Jammy & Gia Miraflow to be released early 2016. Being aligned with Suns of Dub, 2014 brought an easy entrance for Roots By Nature into the Sound System Dub arena with the massive release of the Marcus Garvey Anthem in Oct. 2014; ‚??Teach the Youths About Garvey‚??. The track is an electric high energy rootical drum and bass steppa style, composed by Gia & produced by Ras Jammy under the Suns of Dub Label. A song championed by UK Sound System Stalwarts such as Jah Youth Roots Ambassador, and a regular to be heard at the festival Dub stages. Teach the Youth About Garvey is a preview of the forth coming Roots by Nature Suns of Dub LP for 2016. The music is danceable, melodic and impressionable, the message is always fundamental with a deep sense of conciseness that gives the listener insight and self awareness . A new form of roots reggae that addresses a wider audience. Roots by Nature


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1 Dinner of Herbs - Roots By Nature 00:03:44 stream
2 Progress - Roots By Nature 00:04:06 stream
3 Revelation Time - Roots By Nature 00:03:59 stream
4 Teach The Youths About Garvey - Roots By Nature 00:03:48 stream
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