Pieter Albert Jordaan
Rank #1 | Trenton, United States

Genre : Pop

Bio : Biography of Pieter Albert Jordaan: Born and raised in the heart of the Free State (Virginia), Pieter Albert Jordaan began his music career as a singer when he was 5 seconds old. His audience was very small (his mother, father and the docter that caught him) but the performance was never the less emotional and passionate (Koos Kombuis). At the age of 5 he began playing the trumpet in his father‚??s wind band in Welkom. When in standard 3 he was the head of brass in the Hentie Cilliers High school‚??s cadet band. He started writing songs at the age of seventeen and short after that joined the army band in Kroonstad where he recorded his first album called net plain pieter. While in the army band he played in different bands within the army and outside. ANGEL ‚?ĚLive at the Bohemian‚?Ě His first garage band, Angel, did so good it won a recording deal in Ermelo at Brak Musiek with Adrew Roos as the producer. 3 wishes (the song Angel produced) featured on a few radio stations and before they could make a music video, the band split up. After 9 year of intense training and studying music in the army, Pieter Albert Jordaan decided that his wings was strong enough to fly and left the army to pursue his career as a full time professional musician in the outside world (Benoni). Lou Greyling, Kerry Hiles and Pieter Albert Jordaan decided to create an Arfikaans album which will make people‚??s feet itch and they called it Kom Dans Saam My. The album has got a rock feel to it and although the melodies are mesmerizing, you can also take your partner for a spin on the dance floor when played live or by a DJ. Pieter Albert Jordaan also spends a lot of his time perfecting the art of playing acoustic folk music by studying different kinds of music and putting his own flavor to it by playing it with an acoustic guitar and singing the lyrics and melody with perfection. He is currently also playing a few productions under the flag of Storm Produktionz where Mel Botes is the founder and owner. The last of the productions he played in as a trumpet and flugel horn player was the Helpende Hand Concert 2012 where he shared a stage with big names like Ghapi, Albert Frost, Valiant Swart and Piet Botha to name but a few. Old Friends is a production where Marcato (Pieter and Ben Marcato) plays the lead rolls of the singer songwriting fame Simon & Garfunkel. Richard H. Nosworthy wrote the script and is the director of the production. Pieter Albert Jordaan did the music scoring and is currently in the post of musical director for this production. Pieter Albert Jordaan grew up in a house where music was played, wrote and lived. His first love is the performing of music and he is currently living his dream!


# Song Title Time Download
1 Proud Marry (CCR Cover by The Pieter Albert Jordaan Band) 00:04:50 stream
2 Summer of 69 - (Bryan Adams Cover by the Pieter Albert Jordaan Band) 00:04:40 stream
3 When She Sings 00:03:47 stream
4 Sugar (Maroon Cover by Pieter Albert Jordaan) 00:04:26 stream
5 To Love Somebody (BeeGeez cover by the Pieter Albert Jordaan Band) 00:04:49 stream
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