Needle And The Pain Reaction
Rank #1 | Gent, Belgium

Genre : Indie rock

Bio : 20 YEARS OF PURE ROCK PASSION Needle started in December 1999 and so we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this year. We are working hard to release a new album and might do something special… Keep your eyes on this page! Here are some milestones and memorable gigs out of our hundreds of concerts we did over the years in this still ongoing trip: December 1999 First rehearsal April 2000 First concert, in Double Trouble Antwerp (B) July 2000 First time in Kinky Star Gent (B) July 2002 First guerrilla concert at Gentse Feesten at 8AM outside the Charlatan/Kinky Star in a drunken crowd of crazy party people November 2003 First time in Holland - Vlissingen with Dr. Pepper Family 2004 CD Release “Obsessions Of An Epic Womanizer” Recorded & Mixed in Gent by Peter De Bosschere September 2004 Benefit performance for victims of a gas explosion - Erpe-Mere (B) May 2005 Radio Recording at Radio Rijswijck (NL) February 2006 Recording and mixing of our second CD release “Pheromone” by David Vella at Temple Studios in Malta + two concerts on the island. March 2006 Canadian Tour + concert at Canadian Music Week Festival in Toronto March 2007 Second Canadian Tour + concert at Canadian Music Week Festival in Montreal January 2008 Release of our Live EP - Recorded By Peter Van de Veire, Yellow Tape, in Brussels (B) Januari 2008 French Tour - Nantes, Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille November 2009 Support DAD - Handelsbeurs Gent (B) October 2010 Release of our third full CD “Stains”, recorded and mixed by Eric Van Biezen and JP Lemix February 2010 Support Black Angels - 4AD Diksmuide (B) April 2011 Support Grant Hart at L’Aeronef, Lille (F) April 2012 Concert inside a bus - Nieuwe Vaart Gent (B) April 2013 Squad concert with our Cable 35 friends from Malta at Twee Poorten Gent (B) June 2014 UK Tour - Rotherham, Nottingham, London January 2015 Break it Down gig at Cafe Carol, Gent (B), a squad bar that was broken down after the show. The breaking down started a bit earlier… September 2015 Supporting Drip Dry Man as The Beat Revolver - Spanish Tour - Zaragoza, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Madrid, Barcelona March 2016 Double-Release of full CD/Vinyl “Porcupine” and digital release “Paper Trails” July 2016 Start of a series of 100 performances in the play “Chasse Patate” by Studio Orka, spread over 9 theatre festivals in Belgium, Germany and Holland over a period of 3 years… May 2017 Headliner at Iron Muide Festival Gent (B) May 2018 Münster Festival (D) June 2018 Maltese Tour with Beesqueeze - Gozo & Valetta December 2018 Needle Goes Velvet at Can Jordi in Ibiza: Nico Tribute featuring Kika Da Silva + Gig at Can Rock, San Antonio Bay And the story continues


# Song Title Time Download
1 Bang Bang 00:03:29 stream
2 Body Shakin 00:03:59 stream
3 Chipmonk 00:02:33 stream
4 Granted 00:04:39 stream
5 Live Like Dad 00:04:04 stream
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