Genre : Rock

Bio : My name is Moroni Silva, and Iā??ve been playing music for 13 years and writing for about 12 of those years. I founded a band called Subtle Sound not too long ago that fell apart. I was addicted to heroin in the past, however, Iā??m glad to report that I have been clean since March 4, 2015. I went to an Ayahuasca ceremony for my first time in April 2015, which helped me completely eradicate any desire to use heroin or opiates ever again, hence the band name A Dead Desire. Currently the project consists of me and my guitarist Omar Navarro. We both play guitar, drums, bass, and sing as well as write our own material. Location: I live in Trenton, UT United States and my guitarist lives in Salt Lake City, UT United States Genre: Our Genre has been known to vary, we play reggae, Classic rock, alternative rock, and believe it or not I do throw in a bit of classical style whenever I can, I love the piano and strings. I would like to be a part of I am here to play, I have liked and shared the page info. Thank you, Moroni Silva


# Song Title Time Download
1 Lalapoolooza 00:04:53 stream
2 Incessantly Ill 00:04:30 stream
3 Skies of Emotion 00:04:47 stream
4 notitle 00:04:31 stream
5 Teleperformance USA For Fun Festival 2011 Music Part 2 00:04:36 stream
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