Genre : Pop

Bio : Phee began her pursuit of professional performing at the age of 18 when she moved to Hollywood, CA from her hometown of Denver, CO. Initially, she attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts but after six months, she decided to make the move to exclusively pursue her true passion of singing studying at The Musicians Institute. During this time, she worked as one of three interns at World Audience Management - best known for managing metal band Avenged Sevenfold. After a year and a half with World Audience, [Phee] made the leap from World Audience to an internship with Warner Brothers Records. While in Los Angeles, she learned many lessons, both good and bad, before returning to Denver to continue her music career. Since her return home, she has been in local rock band Reunion Drive and the more well known post-punk band, Smallz the Cat. Harnessing her geek powers, she spearheaded and hosts science fiction and fantasy talk radio show called Master Control. The show can be heard weekly every Thursday at 7:30pm (MST) through Shortly before beginning her radio show, she was given the name Phee in a dream and made the decision to brand herself as such. Phee has since broken off as the sole visionary of her pop solo act while her band, Smallz the Cat, takes an indefinite hiatus; however, her punk influence can still be seen throughout her music and personal style. Phee is very much true to herself - a hardworking, motivated, fun, creative and talented punk oriented geek. She does not hold anything back and is fully prepared to do whatever it takes to find success in her passion of music. Phee has had much success in the time that she has been working on her pop music. Recording with Jesse O‚??Brien at Colorado Sound, Phee released her first single, ‚??Sex and Love‚?Ě with a music video to follow produced by James Culter at Moodog Productions. The single received rave reviews from fans and has been put into rotation on several college radio stations as well as KGSS ‚??The Geek‚?Ě and Pandora Internet Radio. Phee has released her latest single ‚??Mexico‚?Ě and her upcoming single ‚??Go‚?Ě with ‚??Reverend Bob‚?Ě Matros of Hooker Street Studios, is set to release when Boston thaws in 2015. Additionally, she will begin production of her first EP/Album featuring Phee‚??s life and creativity.


# Song Title Time Download
1 D Town Sound - Rub A Dub In The Club feat. Eric Michaels and Phee 00:03:53 stream
2 - Eclan - Interim 00:00:48 stream
3 GO 00:04:10 stream
4 Mexico 00:03:04 stream
5 Sex and Love 00:03:02 stream
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