Genre : Pop rock

Bio : Matthew Lorenzo was born on June 23, 1991. Matthew loves to sing, play piano and write songs and He also loves to dance. Growing up Matthew has always loved to sing. He started singing at age three and playing piano at age twelve. Whenever Matthew encounters someone who is amazed at his level of artistry and musicianship, he is often asked how he does it. So how does he do it? "I do everything by ear because I trained my ear to listen to every sound and try to hum along with the pitch of the sound. A lot of people ask me how I sing and play songs without looking at lyrics or music sheets, and I just simply say that I do it all by ear and I memorize them." And that's not all. When he was fourteen years old, he started to test his musical abilities by writing songs. He recalls: "My first song that I ever wrote was "Teenage Life", and it's lyrics discussed the positives of being a teenager. Although the song was simple enough for me to write, I didn't really like it that much because it wasn't really the kind of song I wanted to sing. I thought it was quite terrible once I looked back at the song after I wrote it. I liked writing the song just to write it, but it's my first song so I have to start somewhere, but I just didn't feel the song so I got rid of it. I wrote one more song called "Happy Day", which was a song that talks about waking up and feeling happy. The song was easy for me to write, but I got rid of it because I felt that the song was just not right for me. It was kind of cheesy and I didn't want that." Matthew has often said that his first couple of songs were "just more like songs that I wrote just to write them, and I didn't really think about it." He has said that the reason why they weren't all that great was because he was new to the rhythms and putting words to rhymes, so even though it rhymed it didn't necessarily turn out great. Nonetheless, Matthew wasn't too hard on himself because at thirteen or fourteen years old, nobody is really all that great at songwriting. It's something you learn to master with time and diligence. As he put it, "At that age you're just starting to find yourself and it's really hard. However, as time goes on and one grows up they become much more experienced and they learn to express themselves in a more articulate manner." That's why he took a break from writing songs for a little while. Matthew has often said on many occasions that writing and singing songs is something very important to him. "If I get the opportunity to sing in front of a record executive, I want them to notice that I'm a young talent and full of energy, but I also want to be taken seriously as an artist. People look at me when they see me perform and they talk about the image and if it's not what they thought, they'd be like, "We knew he'd be just another pop singer without a personality." Matthew says that he likes pop, R&B and Soul music because it reflects his personality, and when he writes songs he wants people to notice the same thing as well. Even though Matthew took a break from songwriting, he continued to heavily perform and expose himself to any and every audience that he possibly could, performing in many talent shows and receiving standing ovations from the audience. In his words, "I want people to understand that I have a passion for music, and that it's very true to my emotions and personality. I wasn't put on this Earth to be a poser or a phony. I am myself, and nobody else but myself, and that will never change." Matthew says that he does his best when the song is a personal song. As he puts it, "Sometimes it's lonely and sad, sometimes it's exciting. Either way, I consider all my music to be personal in some ways, even the songs that aren't necessarily personal." Matthew hopes to get a recording contract in the near future, and he's working very hard at launching his music career.


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