Genre : Power metal

Bio : LOST NEBULA born in the late of 2013 in Hermosillo City in Mexico. Harry has 4 samples and starts to work in them along with Quetzalin to record them. This samples becomes in Nous, From this world to another, Freewill y "Too late... no time" from the album Qualia. In the process of Qualia, Julio, Octavio and Oscar, join the band to complete it. Qualia is released on August 18th, 2014 and was released for free for downloading/streaming. At the late of 2014, the band prepares and books a tour to promote Qualia. In 2015, Qualia wins Best Digital Album at "Tribus el Rock" and releases the official videoclip for Freewill. At late of 2015, LOST NEBULA prepares its second album called "Stories Set In the Future" a thematic album that refers the end of the world how the band sees it. The band defines its sound and music genre as Alternative/Progressive Metal, but the band is able to experiment with more sounds and styles. LOST NEBULA is a band characterized for its dreams and ideals in life. Everything with effort and teamwork is possible, doesn't matter the place or the moment where you are. This is a band looking for reach their dreams, the same dreams that bigger bands have had once in their lifetime. LOST NEBULA is in disposition to get it. Members: Quetzalin Dominguez - Voice Julio Becerra - Guitar Oscar Valencia - Guitar Octavio Vega - Drums Harry Gonzalez - Bass


# Song Title Time Download
1 Aftermath 00:04:23 stream
2 Freewill 00:04:12 stream
3 From This World To Another 00:03:43 stream
4 Too Late...No Time 00:03:12 stream
5 Living Alive 00:04:18 stream
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