Genre : Others

Bio : Lil Hender ,born Henderson Lopes Sim??o Pedro is a rapper/singer-songwriter/beatmaker from Angola,Luanda city. Hender discovered his passion for music in his childhood , but started singing seriously in 2009 . The Rapper states that Lil Wayne was the biggest influence he had when started rapping. Hender has dropped his debut mixtape on July 26th 2015.


# Song Title Time Download
1 Lil Hender - Aband?? (Prod. Lil Hender) 00:03:36 stream
2 Lil Hender - De Corpo e Alma (Prod. Lil Hender) 00:03:28 stream
3 Lil Hender - Fellas na Back (Prod. Lil Hender) 00:03:52 stream
4 Lil Hender - Fingir Comportamentos (feat. Edu Fox) (Prod. Lil Hender) 00:02:59 stream
5 Lil Hender - Kumb?? (Money) (Prod. Hender) 00:04:07 stream
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