Genre : Hip-hop

Bio : Josue Manuel Sanudo is 5'9'' 175lbs brown hair, brown eyes. He started writing his own songs at the early age of 13. By 18 years old Josue was signed to great house records in Fresno, Ca, where he recorded his first album. He has spent most of his life jumping in and out of studios until in 2010 He was signed yet again with a small independent label called G-Fly Records ran by Popeye himself, Mr. Hector Martinez again in Fresno, Ca. Together created many songs for the labels library. Although he is a firm believer of his own music, maintaining his reality style approach in rap. "If you're not spitting the truth, is it fire? Probably not." He has proven time and time again that you cannot deny talent or stop an individual that will stop at nothing to get his point across. Now, 35 years old and much more experienced in the art of surviving, and recording. Josue established himself as a one stop shop after graduating from the Los Angeles Recording School. He can create a beat on the spot and has the capabilities of mixing, mastering, field arrange, edit and or record in any functional studio out there. Pro tools certified and Logic qualified there really is no limit to what he can do with sound. In this new age you cannot underestimate anyone, no matter how much a person makes it obvious that they don't deserve your respect. Josue say's; "Give someone the benefit of the doubt once, and that's it". Meaning everyone deserves a chance. Josue would now like to extend a special thanks to all the conspiring hatters working together to stop him from happening. You've made him extremely dangerous and even more powerful at the same time. To his wonderful friends and family, and all the people he loves, he has made it perfectly clear that this is his profession and he will continue to excel in all aspects of the entertainment industry. Content is king, and intellectual property runs the show. I recommend you live life, and I truly do hope you find what you are looking for. God Bless, and continue pushing, ok, it's necessary, trust me. Oh yeah! Never give up, Never. Peace Prosper Right!


# Song Title Time Download
1 Amazing 00:04:01 stream
2 Believe Me (God You See Me) 00:04:51 stream
3 Can I Hit 00:02:36 stream
4 Corruption Emerges 00:04:10 stream
5 Crazy 00:04:54 stream
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