Jose Rodriguez Martinez
Rank #1 | Charles Town, United States

Genre : Electro

Bio : He started in the production of electronic music, through computer music, in August 2012, a few months after becoming unemployed, dedicating a few hours a day, began with Mixcraft program, then discovered the fl studio 10 program , now the version 11, has done some things well with MAGIX Music Maker, the first compositions and believe with Mixcraft, the following con fl studio, which is the program that has done most of the issues, and currently uses, does what he does because he likes the music, like the illusion of something that fascinates you, motivates you and gives you inspiration, for it is important the music is magic, it's essentially fascinated, and loves music, styles of gender, Electro / Electro House / Trance / Pop-Ballad, creates both instrumentals, vocal as well, has many projects gradually issues will be published, has issues with the seal: Universal Music Emotion, looking for other labels that give the opportunity to have issues with them and hear their music anywhere in the mundo.Cada subject I produce.lo does with more desire, and with more enthusiasm, all subjects are his own inspirations, and It is eager to follow, creating and producing electronic music, and his music someday pay off. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracks:(2012) Clasica-1-(2012) Instrumental Clasica-2-(2012) Instrumental Ac??stico Guitarra (2012) Instrumentales Sentimientos (2012) Instrumental Future World (2012) Instrumental Alexia Aquilani-Number One (2012) (Version own musical theme alexia aquilani - number one) Sensaciones (2012) Instrumental Sun Rising (2012) Instrumental Essentials Elements (2012) Trance Nights (2012) Instrumental Gate Opening (2012) (Original Mix) Flying high (2012) (Instrumental) (Original Mix) Electric Fire (2012) (Instrumental) (Original Mix) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracks:(2013) Clasica-1-versi??n arpegio y cuerdas (2013) Instrumentales Sentimientos (amor) (Versi??n 2013) (Instrumental) (Intro-Demo) Dream House (2013) Instrumental Fussion de Sounds (2013) Instrumental Essentials Elements(2013) (Version Dance) (Instrumental) Criminal - Britney Spears (2013) (Version own musical theme britney spears - criminal) Sensuality Girl(2013) Walk Away - Farisha Haque (2013) (Version own musical theme farisha haque - walk away) Incantation (2013) (Original Mix) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracks:(2014) Technology (2014) (Instrumental) (Original mix) Blue (2014) (Original Mix) Attraction (2014) (Instrumental) (Original Mix) SomeWhere (2014) (Instrumental) (Original Mix) Trance Ride Driver (2014) (Instrumental) (Original Mix) Times of Change (2014) (Instrumental) (Original Mix) The Gladiators (2014) (Instrumental) (Original Mix) Amnessia (2014) (Instrumental) (Original Mix) Room-47 (2014) (Instrumental) (Original Mix) Future World (2014) (Version Dance) (Instrumental) (Original Mix) Future World (2014) (Invasion) (Instrumental) (Original Mix) Future World-II (2014) (Hidden World) (Instrumental) (Original Mix) Heat & Cold (2014) (Instrumental) (Original Mix) Rolling Thunder (2014) (Instrumental) (Original Mix) J. M. Rodrig


# Song Title Time Download
1 Alpha - 5 (Instrumental) (Original_Mix) 00:04:25 stream
2 Attraction (Instrumental) Original_Mix) 00:03:39 stream
3 Blue (Instrumental) (Original Mix) 00:04:13 stream
4 Britney Spears - Criminal 00:03:47 stream
5 Christmas Days (The Spirit Of Christmas)(Instrumental) (Original Mix) 00:04:06 stream
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