The John Samson Band
Rank #1 | Hinton, United States

Genre : Funk

Bio : John started singing at the tender age of 4, a gospel song his father had written and taught him to perform in church. He started off learning to play music on an old Hammond Organ then upgrading to the piano. Shortly after John learned to read and write he began a passion for writing stories and poems before transposing his writing abilities into his music. During his teenage years out of frustration of not being able to lug his piano around everywhere he went he bought a cheap guitar and started pickin'. It didn't take long for John to find a niche in writing country music, he recalls it came "as natural as sweet tea on a hot day." After playing keyboard and guitar for multiple bands in Virginia for country, rock, hip hop and gospel artist he began to find his own niche in writing a different variation of country music with rock, funk and hip hop influences better known today as country hick-hop. Although these songs set on a shelf as at the time they were not accepted in the local country venues a trip to Nashville on his birthday, as a gift from his fiance, would change his life forever; so launching the beginning of a career in music as a country music hick-hop singer/songwriter. Over the years even as a carpenter and father John has always made time to pursue his love and passion to play music appearing in multiple television programs, local and national, for his musical talent, writing and sitting in as a studio musician. As a songwriter and performer John believes in delivering the message of a story or an event in ones life to touch another life. Good or bad, funny or serious connecting with an audience and sharing those stories together is what makes the power of music so important in all of our lives. "I hope that my songs and music can touch you the way it has touched me and my story be an inspiration to anyone that has ever had a dream despite any adversities of never giving up and holding onto your dream til you see it come true". -John Samson Members: John Samson - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano Brandon Lillis - Saxophone Reinie Wendt (RW) - Harmonicas John Jackson - Drums Steve Floyd - Bass, Vocals Susan Estes - Vocals, Guitar, Flute, Mandolin Wayne Cox - Fiddle Terry Oates - Lead Guitar K Sean Long - Rhythm Guitar


# Song Title Time Download
1 Barefoot N Dirty 00:04:43 stream
2 The Devils Shotgun 00:03:15 stream
3 Beer Goggles 00:03:39 stream
4 Moonshine Crazy 00:03:52 stream
5 Funk In The Country 00:03:36 stream
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