Genre : Pop

Bio : Joey is a bright and young Artist. Looking to take over the world with his Stories, using his music as the Storyteller. He has been doing Music and Dance for most of his life. He strives to reach his world tour dream every minute of everyday. His music ranges from Pop to anyway to R&B. As Well as an amazing singer he enjoys the piano and Drums. As he plays both an wants to learn more, like the Guitar and such. He looks up to Great Talent like Will Smith and Micheal Jackson. As that their life experiences are like his as well. So Joey relates to what they have gone through very well. "Performing is something I can't stop doing out of the fact it's who an what I am.". Quoted by Joey G. Neas himself. He states that when he is on stage it's the one place where he can be who an whatever he dreams. "The lights, the rush, the sound of the crowd, the Vibe of the Music. This is who I am and where i belong.". Quoted by Joey G. Neas. The writing style of how Joey shows off his emotions in a very fun an relate-able way is the reason he is where he is right now. Joey is an open an kind an fun loving Artist who is ready to take on the Pop Charts. " What Inspires me the most about performing and embracing the arts is to see the smile you can make within everyone's heart. How you can quite a room with one note, or word. How you can make some one cry or sing along! To see the true passion in there eyes to know that it's from your inside that is doing this. Being about to actually make Magic happen. and to for once actually take someone away from the stress and hardships of this life and just feel what they know they wanna feel and relate too." So, keep your ears open and your mind wide. Joey G. Neas is Coming.


# Song Title Time Download
1 Addicted To You - Joey G. Neas 00:03:31 stream
2 Forever Love - Joey N. Piano 00:03:52 stream
3 I Cry - Joey N. ft Daniel Times 00:04:34 stream
4 I Cry(Remix) - Joey N. ft Daniel Times 00:04:34 stream
5 Moment Of Time - Joey G. Neas ft. Kin-G 00:03:08 stream
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