Leslie aka Jesse Hughes
Rank #1 | Detroit, United States

Genre : Christian rock

Bio : I am a New Age Gospel Rock and Roller and my songs are in the tradition of Dylan (listen to: "We Shall Be Released", "High above the Wall" and "We Will Find our Way Back Home") and Springsteen (listen to: â??Hereâ??s a Love Songâ?, â??Brightest Lightâ? and "Reclaiming the Promised Landâ?). Performed with a simple acoustic guitar and harp, they are playful drafts and a fun listen of whatâ??s to come.


# Song Title Time Download
1 Hebrews Song Impro Ver1 00:15:55 stream
2 New Way Of The Spirit Song Version3 00:20:47 stream
3 Romans Song Impro Ver1 00:29:50 stream
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