Jake Shipman
Rank #1 | Toronto, Guernsey and Alderney

Genre : Hip-hop

Bio : Another Self Made Track! Safe to say my best to date, Glad i have enough talent, Knowledge, &, Emotion that i will never have to settle for a ghost writer. Enjoy! (Video To Be Released this Month) --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- grab the pen and then I'm off, They wanna fight send em all, Miss my dawgs, Im prayin every dawn, they say life goes on, Aint gonna lie, coulda done alot more but i tryed to disguise the pain in my heart yeah my eyes always been blue, its true im the one that knows what i been through, it aint right i hold tight to this mic, That wind stone cold just know if i ever let go you can find me on this road, roll it up then i blow could use some help rowin this boat but no theres a few holes in this life that i chose So its just me & my woahs toe to toe, HOOK I hear feel and see, But clearly whats in the mirror aint me, latly i been Pacing, waiting for things to change, But they remain the same, No pain no gain but i aint moved an inch since gettin hit with this shit Never quit bruh Trust is nothin like a braclet once you break it cant replace it, Nothin worse then waisted love, go ahead and hate me cause i blacked out, Never nothin more then the class clown, who put the mask down, No sad frown, ask around my town Im the king that lost his crown & now thats all thats found, this sound could have been world renowned im here to announce you dont know me from a hole in the ground Im Out HOOK


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1 Only Human X Sunken Sounds (Lyrics in Description) 00:03:10 stream
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