Illegally Blind
Rank #1 | Monmouth, United States

Genre : Rock

Bio : Illegally Blind is a Classic Rock Cover Band playing the Classic Rock that time forgot. We are fronted by a Female Vocalist Deni Jerome with a MAJOR set of pipes. Also featured is our "Blind" KICK ASS keyboard player Damon Fibraio. Shred Master Leroy Aiello. Our "Legally Blind" in the pocket Drummer is James Ricci, and Rock Solid Joe Migs with his Thunderous Bass Guitar. Both Damon and James are Visually Impaired one is "Blind" and the other is Legally Blind" Hence forth the name Illegally Blind!


# Song Title Time Download
1 Live and Let Die (Wings Cover) 00:02:52 stream
2 Renegade (Styx Cover) 00:04:09 stream
3 Alone Heart (Cover) 00:02:11 stream
4 Anyway You Want It (Journey Cover) 00:02:11 stream
5 Captain Jack (Billy Joel Cover) 00:04:58 stream
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