Rank #1 | Moss Beach, United Kingdom

Genre : Heavy metal

Bio : D??sterLust is a Female-fronted Symphonic/Progressive Metal-Band from Frankfurt/Main, Germany that combines various styles of Metal with Classical Music and Electronic Sound Ideas. In 2010 Philip and Heiko Seibert had the idea for a courageous band-project. After a long and difficult search for other musicians they found the Lyric Soprano Regina Beatrix Rumpel in January 2014. With her voice they had everything they needed to complete their songs and record them in a professional way. So their first album "Unveil the Beauty" took shape and has been released in December 2014. In May 2015 the band had to take down their whole internet-presence and to withdraw their album from sale because of a naming conflict. But in October 2015 the band came out of the crisis stronger than before, started over with the powerful new name "D??sterLust" and introduced a new band member, their second guitarist Mich??l Greul. Since February 2016 D??sterLust is signed with the Label FemMeropa (part of Female Fronted Metal of Europe). In April 2016 the digital edition of D??sterLust's album "D??ster Lust" ?? that is a re-release of their debut-album ?? was released worldwide and in September 2016 it will be also released as digipak with 3 additional tracks. In May 2016 D??sterLust will make its live-debut. Members: Heiko Seibert (Guitar, Bass); Philip Seibert (Drums, Keys, Growling); Regina Beatrix Rumpel (Lyric Soprano); Mich??l Greul (Guitar, Screaming)


# Song Title Time Download
1 Unveil the Beauty - Moor 00:04:56 stream
2 Unveil the Beauty - Next Level Racism 00:04:31 stream
3 D??ster Lust - Spaceflight 00:00:30 stream
4 D??ster Lust - Kaleidoscope 00:00:31 stream
5 D??ster Lust - Beast-of-War 00:00:30 stream
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