Genre : Rock

Bio : I'm a metal artist of original rock. Some of my early day influences would be Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and AC/DC. I also like Spanish guitar and classical, considering I grew up in Spain and speak fluent Spanish. I live in Minnesota, U.S.A. and graduated St. Louis Park high school back in class of '87... I'm very happy and married for 20 some years and some of my interest would be modern technology, photography, and writing... And yes I am very spiritual and have certain guidelines when it regards to beliefs about life and spiritual morality and responsibilities as a social being of love...Therefore; join me as we unravel the beauty of The Living Again theory...enjoy! Don. Larsen My genre is Classic Rock, or Metal. My MoM sent me this fb page the other day and I liked and shared your page on Facebook...and am interested in what you have to offer a local indie artist like me. My songs are instrumentals...feel free to stream and or download these files on my site and really hope you would consider this opportunity for the both of us to explore this adventure together and am thoroughly interested in your reply to me with the results of what you have discovered with STRAYPOWER... p.s. feel free to send me a friends request at


# Song Title Time Download
1 REFLECTIONS 00:03:52 stream
2 THE STRENGTH OF OUR PEOPLE 00:09:10 stream
3 REFLECTIONS OF HONOR 00:03:24 stream
4 FREEDOM IS NOT FREE 00:03:41 stream
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