Genre : Hip-hop

Bio : Alternative Hip-Hop Miasto rodzinne Orangeburg, SC Wytw??rnia Scarab Entertainment Przynale??no??ń? Mt Zion Filmsworks, DC Productions, EMG, Hollywood's Notebook Kr??tki opis Many have coined the phrase ‚??what the Industry is missing‚?Ě but the intrepid emcee by the name Konshents, truly embodies a Profound Thought Process. Informacje osobiste Been a lyricist since birth...even my baby talk had a rhythm/ A dancer rivaled by none even when I'm out of my division/ Born in SC and even when I made that's what I'll claim/ Most artist get famous then start switching the name/ But at the end of day I'm regular just like everyone else/ Except the only person better than me is my future self/


# Song Title Time Download
1 Prince Tribute - Prince ANd Da revolutionAry (PANDA) - Konshents 00:04:04 stream
2 Work Out - Konshents 00:04:30 stream
3 And Now You Know - Konshents Feat NTT 00:03:16 stream
4 Crystal-Konshents 00:03:44 stream
5 Hands Up - Konshents feat NTT(En-Ti-T) Resist Oppression 00:05:17 stream
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