Dio Milsha
Rank #1 | Toronto, Guernsey and Alderney

Genre : Rap

Bio : Hey im Dustin better known as Dio Milsha. Im a rapper and write all my own songs. I was born into the rap culture, growing up in a group home for teenage gang members that was run by my family in Toronto. I learned really quick on what is known as the dark side of the hip hop culture. What gangs were, what they meant, I knew biggie and tupac lyrics by the age of 6. As I grew i learned to adapt to the urban settings and learned that Rap and hip hop were all big thingsin my city. By the age of 9 i already knew how to relate to people on a higher level because of music and thats when I started writing my own music. As i've grown i've never lost passion for my music and everything that i've written has had a big impact on my life


# Song Title Time Download
1 Abused Ink 00:03:25 stream
2 Bad Day On The Rise 00:03:20 stream
3 Beaten 00:03:16 stream
4 billy-s story.(abused ink vol 2 beaten chapter 2) 00:03:48 stream
5 demon star 00:03:00 stream
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