Genre : Heavy metal

Bio : Darkseid is a 5 piece Blackend death metal project from mumbai, with musical composition using the style of vedic metal and the black metal in a blackened death metal way of style. A promising band with energetic and hardworking musicians commit to come out with great piece of music till you bang you heads!!!! Started on August 18, 2013 by necrocraft, equitharn, Omkar and Ishan with a dream to create some dark and melodic music. After a few changes in line-up, Darkseid is now finally set up and is working on their music. Deriving the name from the fictional character from the DC comics "DARKSEID" with intentions to show the characters power, strength, anger and hatred in real life. Willing to show it through our music and writings.


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1 Tormented Soul 00:03:39 stream
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