Genre : Folk

Bio : Take the story telling of folk, mix with the emotions of country, top up with the attitude of rock, throw in a smile and you have Dani Blue. Imagine Sheryl Crow with the songwriting of Roy Orbison, telling it like Tracy Chapman with the passion and depth of Jewel. Dani takes the old school ethos and combines it with contemporary freshness. Dani Blue was born in Surrey and raised by an English father and a Dutch mother. Somewhere along the line a fascination and passion for the deep American South developed! Her songs combine a country vibe with a contemporary British feel. Dani‚??s songs range from upbeat and full of energy to beautifully sparse and simple. All her songs have in common a story told through an open heart.Dani Blue started out strumming a few chords on her guitar whilst suffering with M.E. (Myalgia Encephalomylitis) and as her health improve started to venture out to play. She began in the streets and venues of Brighton and quickly spread out to London and the towns and villages in-between. After a sell out Brighton Fringe Festival show Dani teamed up with acclaimed jazz bassist Keith Baxter (presenter Seahaven FM, Road Runners, Rock and Roll Radio, Link Grey and the dark Country) and were asked to play Brighton Live and Help4Heroes festival, Camberley. Dani‚??s passionate voice and heartfelt songs also secured her regular spots at ‚??Paul Dunton and guests‚?? at the Grey Lady Music Lounge, Tunbridge Wells and The Master Mariner, Brighton Mariner as well as organising various independent shows at venues including Theatre Royal, The Brunswick, Hanbury Club and The Latest Music Bar in Brighton,including ‚??Dani Blue and Friends'. After a year networking in gigging in London, Dani returned to Brighton to study ‚??Artist Development‚?? at Access to Music where she met Steve Johnson (bass) and Graham Smith (drums) who jumped on the Blue train and are currently performing together across the south as a 3 piece. ‚??We work so incredibly well together. There is the perfect mix of passion, professionalism and laughter between us all‚?Ě Dani Blue. As Dani‚??s health continues to improve so does her workload and she is in the process of recording 2 singles and videos due for release Summer 2015. members: Dani Blue - Singer/Songwriter, Rhythm Guitar Steve Johnson - Bass, Backing Vocals Graham Smith - Drums


# Song Title Time Download
1 Its Alright Instrumental Guitars Only 00:03:45 stream
2 Its Alright 00:03:46 stream
3 Hang On Demo 00:04:12 stream
4 Stalker Song Demo 00:03:08 stream
5 The Little Girl Song Demo ATM 00:07:41 stream
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