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Bio : About Core Beckley, WV "An Open Letter to the Public" - by CORE Traditional "biographies" are for those who can explain themselves, their created art, and their motives inside the safety of predetermined boundaries with modern descriptors. And for those who choose these traditional methods of bio-graphing, by all means, proceed doing so. Core, however, cannot. And perhaps more accurately, Core will not. Respectfully, shouldn't works of art and music be able to speak for themselves? You see, like a high-class job interview or mortgage application, heavy embellishment of facts are not only encouraged, but expected in order to achieve the desired outcome. That outcome, of course, being approval. But if an approval or resounding acknowledgement is founded on lies, of what use is the success that may follow? By acknowledging and removing the useless pressure of attaining an approval based on lies, we can supply you with a few pertinent facts free of exaggeration about our band, Core. So... Here are 8 facts about Core. (cue Letterman's countdown drum-roll) Fact #1. - Core is comprised of Shawn Wells (Drums), Mark Gunnoe (Bass), and Christopher Bailey (Vocals/Guitar). Fact #2. - Core is located in a small town in southern West Virginia. Fact #3. - Core takes considerable issue with labeling themselves as belonging to any genre, due to the definitions of specific genres seemingly changing weekly. Fact #4. - Core deeply cares about the world surrounding them. The politics, the injustices, the beauty, the sexuality, the double-standards, the hate, the love, and the truth of it all. Fact #5. - Core will gratefully perform anywhere for any crowd. Fact #6. - Core wants to change the world, two ears at a time if need be. Fact #7. - Core loves you. If you're able to maintain sanity in a world so utterly twisted, we love you. Whether it's immediately apparent or not, know that love is the driving inspiration behind Core. Fact #8. - Core can catch Blue-Cats like you haven't seen. Join us on a humid summer night on the New River and see for yourself. We sincerely appreciate your visit. We love you. Be sound. CORE


# Song Title Time Download
1 COUP DE GRAS - The Bridal Chamber (Track 1) 00:04:40 stream
2 COUP DE GRAS - Devil Letter (Track 2) 00:04:33 stream
3 COUP DE GRAS - The Holy Fallen (Track 3) 00:07:00 stream
4 COUP DE GRAS - Sufferer-s Covenant (Track 4) 00:04:28 stream
5 COUP DE GRAS - 21st Century American (Track 5) 00:04:39 stream
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