Conor Maynard
Rank #1 | Moss Beach, United Kingdom

Genre : Others

Bio : Started off as a little young boy posting videos on youtube, i was happy with my 300 views... and 2 comments a month :) But then.... out of no where... a SURGE of people rushed to my videos... throwing comments, messages, and facebook groups at me... i didnt know what to do... so i ran... and found refuge in the wilderness. Ok seriously, i basically record covers of the latest big songs, and upload them to youtube, and hope that all you guys love them! :) My brother from another mother Anth (Anthony Melo) collabs with me from time to time, make sure you go check him out!!! SICK RAPPER RIGHT THERE!! Current location i dont really want stalkers.. but thanks anyway! General Manager Inspirations All of the above!! Including my mum and dad :)...... HA yeah right. Contact with the press PR Contact:


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