Marcus Spence aka Clip C
Rank #1 | Moss Beach, United Kingdom

Genre : Trap

Bio : Born in 1989, son of Annette Spence (Empress Makeda (mother) and Winston Dumerville (Sacki (father) Marcus Spence aka Clip C About Clip C: Being brought up in south London has given him a very multicultural and open aspect to life, In the earlier stages of life ??Clip C? lived and moved into the strongly Caribbean populated borough of Lambeth (Brixton). At the tender age of 9 ??Clip C? first found a love for performing in front of crowds due to influences and and a passion to dance.. Slowly ??Clip C? got to know all the faces and characters in and around the area and found himself being invited to neighbour??s birthday parties where he experienced for the first time a live performance by numerous artists and friends in the community.. Over time due to problems at home, financial needs and teenage issues ??Clip C? became more involved with the streets as a way to fund his passion and goals. Eventually the lifestyle ?? Clip C? was living became integrated into his music and became a more hardcore underground rap which created the alias Young Chase. Gradually ??Clip C? at the time known as ??Chase? and friends within the community became well known and influential within the younger generation and the U.K Rap scene. Over time the Rap scene and lifestyle took its toll and ??Clip C? which led him to feel a change was needed which eventually led to him taking a break from music. In 2006 ??Clip C? took a trip to Jamaica for a month, over that time ??Clip C? visited family, met new people, made new contacts and over all took the vacation all in which rekindled his love for music and aided a deeper passion for Dancehall music. Due to the genre of music being different to the usual type of music ??Clip C? had done before it took him a while to release a track to the public, and felt he wasnt ready to showcase to the previous accumulated fans that hadn't heard him do Dancehall before. A decision was made to give himself a new alias to go by without stripping away the raw edge previously given fans, ??Young Chase? tranformed Into ??Clip C? which for ??Clip C? meant he could keep a little Clip of Chase and grow on to bigger and better things within the music industry. By 2010 ??Clip C? was introduced to a female dancehall artist named "Lady Danga" with who he collaborated on a track with called "Money Over Haters". The track (Money Over Haters) was played on "Metro Love Radio" By a Dj Called ??KING GLAMMA? and also Lightening Fm. The track got a really good response from the public which over time made ??Clip C? take the dance hall music seriously. In 2011 ??Clip C? set a goal, that he would be discovered by sending his tracks to the well known Dj's and producers Robbo Ranks, Tim Westwood, and other record labels. in time ??CLIP C? found himself being in the company of well established artists,producers and engineers like ??Troyton music, TonyTouch prod, Deanodeann rec, Buzwakk records, ClearAir prod, Frassmuzik, Clay beats? etc. To date ??Clip C? has a new releases straight out of Jamaica from Troyton music productions called ??she wants me? and DeanoDeann poductions Called "Closed Curtains" but is still working to create and produce his 1st hit song. A future aim for ??Clip C? is to solidify his name as a household name in the dancehall industry enabling him to spread positive messages of upliftment to the world and his world and community About the music: You can find ??Clip C??s? music on youtube: You can listen to ??Clip C??s? music on soundcloud: You can tweet ??Clip C? on twitter: @Artistclipc You can listen to ??Clip C??s? music on myspace: Email ??Clip C? on msn: OR


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2 CLIP C - PARTY ALL NIGHT 00:02:49 stream
3 Clip C - Top Shella (Radio Edit) 00:03:35 stream
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