Clarance van der Schaaf
Rank #1 | Moss Beach, United Kingdom

Genre : Country soul

Bio : My name is Clarance van der Schaaf. Singer/ Drummer/ Percussionist/Songwriter/ Music Coach His artist name Clarance, was born in Heerenveen, but then moved quickly to the Frisian village of Hallum. Already at the age of four showed the musicality of Clarance when he got his first drum. He might be mascot at the local band. Early age With this corps he earned two diplomas concert percussion. But Clarance wanted more. He went as Michael Jackson participate in playback shows, actually inspired by his sister, her solo career began with soundmixshow and talent end. Clarance was five years in the military. "To keep my head above water, I also worked as a bartender, among other things, the former nightclub Locomotion, I became known as the singing and dancing bartender Steenwijk. This period has given me any harm. So I include may sing a song together with Replay and I was allowed to participate in a performance of CB Milton in the local disco. But I was not quiet in Steenwijk. With almost every musician in this town has ever been. Sole musical touch So I got in touch with Nature vipers, a group of rappers from Steenwijk. After a few years I ended up in the band as lead singer Myngus. A contemporary band with rock / reggae / funky influences with their own texts. We were 'local heroes', but unfortunately this could not last long. The age difference was playing tricks on us here. "Clarance was afterwards involved in a number of projects, including as a vocalist in the acoustic lady's, the Melomaan, which soon the album comes out. "After that I heard as a vocalist and also as a vocalist with DJ Matt Styles. Currently I'm still active as a percussionist with DJs. But now I have decided to choose the solo part and do what I've always wanted to do. "


# Song Title Time Download
1 Naomi Gael Use Somebody 00:03:25 stream
2 Always on my mind 00:03:45 stream
3 Dont close your eyes 00:03:30 stream
4 BX Bombah Riddim Remix 00:03:32 stream
5 BX-Bombah Riddim Teknix Rmx 00:04:38 stream
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