The Bohemian Mechanics
Rank #1 | Aluva, United States

Genre : Rock and roll

Bio : The Bohemian Mechanics are Joe DiBartolo - lead vocals and guitar, Frank Barbera - acoustic/electric bass and vocals , Frank Kozak - electric guitar. Ryan Huff - drums and percussion and Shawn Robinson - drums and percussion. The group plays an eclectic mix of Blues, Soul, Country and Rock&Roll cover/interpretations and original songs (they have four cd's recorded). Their original music is a mix of all the styles and influences stated above and more , mixing them in any way they choose and to their own liking. Of late, their music has been described as "Jersey Americana". Having been a four-piece Blues Rock band for years as Blues Box then Bluesbox Delux, in 2013, they changed to an acoustic/electric trio format, without drums. The trio went nameless for almost a year while rehearsing and recording. In December of 2013 they were inspired with the idea of a free artistic and unpretentious musical group using all their influences to create their own unique sound. They became The Bohemian Mechanics in January 2014. After playing for about a year and a half as a trio , in 2016, they brought back not one, but two drummers! The Bohemian Mechanics recently released their debut album, "500 Pound Umbrella" and it is currently available on line. Their music is also on Pandora Radio, Spotify, Apple Music Radio, iHeart Radio and many other online radio stations. They also have 27 videos on YouTube. All five members of the Bohemian Mechanics have years of performing and playing experience both live and in the recording studio together and individually. The band is currently performing in the tri-state area and have plans to record a new album and to continue making videos.


# Song Title Time Download
1 Bohemian Mechanics Live Demo Reel 00:03:19 stream
2 The Bohemian Mechanics Album Promo 00:06:03 stream
3 The Bohemian Mechanics Dancing In The DDT 00:04:17 stream
4 The new Bohemian Mechanics album is available now 00:04:31 stream
5 The Bohemian Mechanics Keeping your love in my back pocket 00:01:56 stream
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