Genre : Pop rock

Bio : As far as Ari can remember, he was occupied with music. His father says that when Ari was just 2 years old, he sat on the bed and played the Blues on the harmonica... In his youth, Ari played in several bands and orchestras, and already by the age of 15 he performed throughout Europe & USA. In the end of the 90s, Ari landed in Amsterdam, where he forms the band PolitiX. The band brings out an EP which gains international success, and performs all over Europe. In 2001, Ari arrives to Los Angeles, and after various collaborations (including performing with the Gypsy Kings) he signs a record deal with "Royal Records". In the years to follow, Ari divides his time between recording in the studio, and performing all over the USA and Central America. In 2014, while in Los Angeles, Ari composed the music for the film "You're Still Here". After making music for few years in Oslo and Amsterdam, nowadays Ari creates in London. One of his latest projects is "Street Pianos" (playing every street piano in London and beyond..).


# Song Title Time Download
1 Baesh Uvamayim - באש ובמים 00:02:51 stream
2 Circus 00:03:56 stream
3 Emtza Hachayim - אמצע החיים 00:03:18 stream
4 Hagiborim Shelanu - הגיבורים שלנו 00:03:44 stream
5 In Love (accoustic) 00:03:50 stream
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