Of Flora and Fauna
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Genre : Axé

Bio : Members: Andrew Williams-Percussion Josh Riede- Bass Kevin Polochak- Guitar Keith Donovan- Guitar Stephen Garcia- Guitar Josh Fiorio- Keys Prologue: The Name 'Of Flora and Fauna' was derived from a group based inner/spiritual reflection on the realization that all forms of existence are connected in ways far beyond what we can see/imagine with our 5 senses. 'Flora' resembles the plant life of Motherearth, and 'Fauna' resembles the animals and creatures that roam the earth in the upmost highest form of freedom. So saying that we are of flora and fauna means we are for the return of humanity into its purest, loving, most existential form of being which would be in the midst of Mothernature, at Peace, and at Oneness with all forms of Existence. Soundscapes And Extraction: 1. Incarnation Vortex: Kinesic Template / Level One - Astral Journey Through the Cosmic Portal that Anchors Spirit unto Matter. 2. Tertium Organum: In this Mystic in depth Analysis we use the Concept of the Fourth Dimension as an extended Metaphor for the Esoteric Nature of Reality. We ask you as a Family to Open your Mind up to Focus on the Concept of Synchronicity and realizing that Everything that is and / or happens / around Us, is to Teach Us Something Specific and is only a Microscopic Fragment of the Infinitely Expanding Universe and its Perfect System of Numerical Expressions and Patternization. 3. Fractalline Forest: The Point of Self Realization in the Depths of Nature at which We begin to Notice a Revitalization of Etheric Circuits Lively Moving inside and / or around Us and they begin Subconsciously planting Firm Forests Within. Thus, Unveiling the True Emotional State of the Plants / Forces of Nature that Surround / Connect / Intertwine you with your Divine Roots and / or preferred Dimensions of Symbiotic Value. 4. Insomniamnesiac: The Process of Transmutating a previously destructive / nostalgic inability to sleep into something Multidimensional / Spiritually Beneficial on many Karmic levels. Rebuilding Bridges. Life / Energy / Flows change when We Re-arrange / Embrace / Transfigure the Variables of the Equation being Presented to Us. Possibilities Open Doors / Fused Together. Revolving. Constantly. Always an Infinite Selection of Alternative Parallaxes to choose from. 5. Realms: In Between: Familiarly Traveled / Pre-constructed Astral Space in Our Minds (during R.e.m. sleep usually) where We Regularly Experience it Alone, often spending time there becoming Intuitively Aware and / or Accepting / Receiving Sacred Knowledge from Our Higher Dimensional / Divine Influence. A Place to Spend Time Organizing Scattered Subconscious Observations and Overanalyzations. 6. Crystal Caverns: Ancient Archives beneath the Surface of Inner Earth that Lively Sustain / Emanate Influential amounts of Cosmic Energy. A Crystalline Palace composed of Stilled Memories where Everglowing Sacred Knowledge seems to be Anchored / Recorded / Preserved. Many believe this to be the reason there are Continuous Sightings of our Ancient Ancestors Returning to Earth...Makes Us sort of Ponder Life a bit and become Curious Enough to ask someone and / or yourself the Explorative Question... ' Is there in fact, something more importantly ideal, that We should All be doing at this very Moment'?


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1 Of Flora and Fauna - Crystal Caverns - Elemental Timelapse 00:06:22 stream
2 Of Flora and Fauna - Fractalline Forest - Elemental Timelapse 00:03:25 stream
3 Of Flora and Fauna - Insomniamnesiac - Elemental Timelapse 00:03:30 stream
4 Of Flora and Fauna - Realms - In Between - Elemental Timelapse 00:02:49 stream
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