Noa Deutsch נועה דויטש
Rank #1 | Moss Side, United Kingdom

Genre : Folk

Bio : ברוכים הבאים לעמוד הרשמי של הזמרת והיוצרת נועה דויטש Welcome to the official page: Singer and songwriter Noa Deutsch Hailing from the landscapes of Israel, Singer/Songwriter & Recording Artist ,with her deep beautiful voice, Full of charm, The unique Musician Noa Deutsch. Known in Israel as "the woman with the hat", a reference to one of her fashionable characteristics, Deutsch made an appearance on TV-show A Star Is Born, similar to US's American Idol, and garnered great critical acclaim and positive reception along with a growing fan base.


# Song Title Time Download
1 A Change Is Gonna Come (cover) by noa deutsch נועה דויטש 00:02:59 stream
2 Promise me - noa deutsch 00:03:37 stream
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